What Exactly is a Civil Funeral?

Religious Funeral:
Service taken by a member of clergy from a particular faith. Such services normally follow the accepted liturgy of the faith in question.
The concept of a civil, or “life-centred”, funeral is a relatively new, though increasingly popular, one. More and more families are now wishing to tailor their own services to celebrate the life of their loved ones.

A service that reflects on and celebrates the life of the loved one they have lost. A service that is both a fitting farewell to a much loved family member and also a celebratory occasion giving thanks for the life that has been.

These are not humanist funerals in the strict meaning of the word as any types of reading or music can be included, be they religious or secular. The wishes and requirements of the deceased and the family are paramount NOT the beliefs or views of the celebrant.

There are no right or wrong ways to conduct a funeral ceremony only “traditions” and ways things “have always been done”. But just because services have always been conducted in similar ways there is no reason, or requirement, that they should be. It is up to YOU to decide how the ceremony is conducted, by whom it is conducted and even where it is conducted.

To coin a phrase, “It’s YOUR funeral!” so it’s YOUR choice!
Civil Funeral:
These ceremonies reflect the exact needs of the bereaved family and can include hymns and prayers if required. They can follow whatever form YOU want, most things are possible.
Humanist Funeral:
Service taken by an officiant of the British Humanist Association. Such funerals are entirely secular and will not include hymns or prayers.

For A Very Special Funeral Ceremony

  • I will help you create a truly personal ceremony that is exactly as you want it to be.
  • I will meet with you to fully explain and discuss the ceremony.
  • I will give help and guidance in choosing any music, readings or prayers that you may want to include.
  • You will be able to check the ceremony content beforehand and make any alterations you wish.
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